Your Sector & Finance

When it comes to the creative industries, every discipline will have its own pros, cons and needs when accessing finance. Too often the Creative Industries are lumped together, when in reality the lengthy development of a new computer game will have vastly different risks for an investor than a fashion designer taking a line from successful prototype to mass production.

So, we have created a short run down of the different industries which make up the UK creative economy and listed their position in regards to financial investment, some tips on the foundations of a strong company within that sector and all importantly which agencies, companies and government bodies have pots of cash for you to access.

  • music


    The financial barriers to entry for new music businesses have significantly decreased over recent years.

  • publishing


    Publishing is a very competitive market. The big players are often either legacy businesses with a long, lauded history of success or a huge public businesses.

  • fashion


    The UK fashion industry is one of the most vibrant and creative business sectors in this country. It has universal appeal and a unique DNA.

  • film

    Film & TV

    In any industry it is very difficult for banks, investors or public funding bodies to take risks on people with no track record.

  • design


    Thanks to the relatively low overheads involved in starting a design agency, anyone with a Mac, a desk and some talent can pretty much start their own business.

  • games


    With the proliferation of mobile and web gaming, it no longer takes a warehouse full of staff tinkering on a AAA console title to turn a sizeable profit.