• Improved quality and quantity of early stage social ventures going on to seek financial support from the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund and/or social investment intermediaries.

• Improved signposting between social investment intermediaries for early stage social ventures, particularly to enable them to secure further investment if appropriate.

• Increased numbers of social investors making investments into early stage ventures.


Average loan value:  £50,000 – £1.5 million
Total Capital available:  Up to £5 million
Repayment terms:  No repayment, but capital must be invested within either two or four years, depending on size of grant, and all capital must be match funded.
Restrictions:  Funding must be applied for and managed by a social venture or incubator.


Twitter: @biglotteryfund
Email: general.enquiries@biglotteryfund.org.uk
Web: www.bigfund.org.uk