From the Financiers

While it’s heartening to hear how our fellow creatives handled accessing finance, it’s not them you’ll need to impress when looking for your own pot of cash. Those on the business end of finance have seen numerous agencies, studios and ‘amazing projects’ through their doors and have gained a unique insight in to the creative industries and how we might better prepare ourselves for the realities of financing.

Here, experts from the world of finance share their experience of creative companies trying to access finance.

  • Trio

    Triodus Bank

    Do bankers perceive creative industries as higher risk? That depends very much on which bank you ask. In financiers’ terms...

  • Angels

    UK Business Angels Association

    There is about £1 billion each year going into small businesses in the UK from angel investors and a considerable proportion of this finance is going into the creative industries..

  • Luke-Crowdcube

    Crowd Cube

    The creative industries are really where the idea of crowdfunding started. Since 2008, traditional sources of finance have really dried up...

  • Kickstarter


    Traditional avenues of funding can be effective, but they aren’t necessarily designed to foster creativity or build community.

  • CE

    Creative England

    For companies that want to test new ideas and push the barriers a little, public funding has become essential.

  • edge

    Edge UK

    Edge Investments is a specialist investor in the UK creative industries and so we know better than most that there are great companies, great management teams and great opportuniti