Case Studies

Trying to access finance as a creative can be a long and tiresome road. However, you are far from alone and there are a thousand success stories from every corner of the creative industries.

Here, the founders of fellow creative SMEs discuss their experience of accessing finance in the early days of their companies.

  • Disney-Swings

    Morgan Francis, Spider Eye

    The initial capital that Spider Eye survived on was a mix of whatever we earn, our savings and credit cards; obviously prior to the great credit crunch they were quite generous wit

  • Sift

    Ben Heald, Sift Media

    We launched Sift in 1996 with £100,000 investment from the three founders. We weren’t particularly interested in investors at that point.

  • Chris2

    Chris Thurling, Founder of 3Sixty

    3Sixty started out of a backroom in my house and so was pretty low finance. I managed to beg or borrow enough money out of my Dad to buy a laptop and modem and that was all I...

  • kerry-harvey-piper

    Kerry Harvey-Piper, Red Grape Records

    Red Grape originally started as another company called MVine. We started out pre-MySpace as a networking platform for artists and fans, with an independent label tacked on, and man

  • Allan

    Allan Niblo, Vertigo Films

    A few years after my first film, Human Traffic, I’d acquired the rights to Football Factory but was struggling to finance the film via traditional film industry industry route.

  • Spencer-Buck

    Spencer Buck, Taxi Studio

    Taxi Studio started when three of us decided to create a London-quality creative agency, but in an area that we wanted to live.